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"Often times we are placed in a position to have something available to us, that the timing of its availability is not a coincidence or a happenstance. I truly felt that way when I read “The Power and Blessings of a Sunrise.” I had found myself stymied, by life, and circumstances, that has kept me on a rat’s cage wheel treadmill, for the past few years, until I read “The Power and Blessings of a Sunrise”.
D. W. Dobbs

“The fact that Barry Rice
speaks from experience
adds much to the words. He was there in the sunset of his life, things were going down, but instead, he saw, and
experienced, a beautiful sunrise. Great and new things appeared on the horizon and circumstances in his life
took on brightness,
hope and challenge”.
Maury Norman, Pastor
Hendersonville Cumberland Presbyterian Church

"Thank you, Barry ... A truly inspirational story. I enjoyed it thoroughly."
J.F. (Jim) Straw


This could be the
most important purchase
you make this year!




The news media, politicians, maybe even your friends and neighbors are leading you to believe that you have little promise for a bright,
rewarding future?

It’s Nonsense!

And, I Can Prove It!

There’s EVERY Reason to Have . . .

God Is Doing Everything He Can To ‘GIVE’ You what you daydream of, but, if you don’t learn how to receive it, then stay where you are!

Dear Friend,

Go ahead, turn on the TV, read a newspaper and listen to the ‘blame everybody’ speech-making coming out of politician’s mouths.  If you choose to fall into the trap of listening to, or worse, believing, this nonsense, then prepare yourself to remain in the situation you are in today.

In contrast, when you choose to accept the opportunities and choices God presents upon the horizon of each daily sunrise (even when clouds of financial difficulty, broken relationships, loss of job, etc. may hide the sun’s rays) you will begin to understand that the path of your life, your success, happiness and peace of mind are NOT determined by Washington, D.C., Wall Street, the Media, or your family or friends.

Instead, you will begin to understand that the path of your life is shaped by the opportunities presented by God and the choices you make for your future.

Will you have setbacks? Certainly.
Disappointments? Absolutely!

But, even in these setbacks and disappointments, when viewed through the eyes of faith, you WILL have opportunities for successes you may never even dreamed of before.  More importantly, God will be right there to see you through!

Your life can begin to change immediately
after reading my 48 page book.
It’s just that Powerful!

'The Power And Blessings Of A Sunrise' will guide you to understand how you can begin to succeed from the opportunities and choices you have, right now, for success in YOUR future.

How can I be so sure?

Well, first of all, I’m not special, not highly educated, I’ve been worse than flat broke, I have no special connections, barely know my way around a computer keyboard, some would say that I have some serious physical limitations, divorce, and that’s just cracking the surface.

So, how did I learn how to turn all that around?

Stay with me while I go back in time a bit.

Years ago, I chased – and caught – society’s definition of success. I had worked for it all – the money, the high-falutin’ job title with a major international corporation, houses, cars, vacations, and all the ‘toys’ of success.

I was able to walk away from my job at a fairly young age content that I no longer needed to do something I didn’t enjoy just to receive a pay check. I thought I had ‘arrived’. Unwittingly, however, I had achieved what I had allowed ‘society’ to define what my success should be.

Are you trying to live your life according to what someone else says you should be?


Moving on, in a matter of a few short years, I began to feel lost. A divorce, friendships that seemed to be based on what I had achieved, and I began to lose what I had achieved – the money, the houses, the ‘toys’ and more. I got to the point where none of it mattered anymore.

No one was around any longer to tell me what my success should be.

Worse still, I came to realize that I had no belief in anything ‘real’.  You see, I had always been a skeptic. If I couldn’t see it, touch it, feel it, smell it, taste it, it wasn’t real. I had always been able to see a paycheck, houses, cars, ‘toys’, and vacations. What I couldn’t see, well, it just wasn’t real.

Better said, if I couldn’t control it, I doubted it even existed.

I had arrived at a point that I couldn’t ‘see’ anything to believe in.

But that all changed in 1990 when I had heard the words . . .

"Mr. Rice, your cancer is late Stage III or early Stage IV.”

If that wasn't scary enough, the doctors had gone on to say, “Mr. Rice, your Non-Hodgkins Lyphoma is terminal. You could have as little as 12 - 18 months. We can keep you comfortable with drugs, but, there's not a whole lot more that can be done.”

Early one morning, a couple of days later, while standing alone on a Florida beach, it hit me like a ton of bricks.   I was facing the ultimate physical test. I had already lost most of what I could ‘see’, now I was about to lose my life.

What has been your ultimate test?  Financial difficulty?
Unemployment? Worried about what is the next shoe to drop? Broken relationships?  Fear of the future?

Now, up to that point, I had never been a "spiritual" person or someone who even believed there was a God.  It had been the doubter in me. If I couldn’t see God, how could I believe He was real?  People around me were talking about God, but, that morning, feeling alone and scared, I thought that if there was a God, He just couldn’t be believe in me if I didn’t believe in Him.

I was in despair.  Sitting on my pity-pot, my thoughts filled with, “Why me?”, “What did I do wrong?”, “Why couldn’t this happen to someone else?” “Should I just go ahead and end it all?”

Reality hit me upside the head and it dawned on me, and I accepted, that I had lived my life, for years, with the self-created disabilities of selfish ambition and unchecked greed.  Stated simply, I learned that my real disability had been my failure to live my life to the fullest despite circumstances beyond my control.

Over the next few hours, I began to watch the new horizon begin to brighten with what I had never seen before.  I was led to see The Power And Blessings Of A Sunrise and in the 22 years since, my life has never been richer (money, happiness, peace of mind, and even a few ‘toys’).

In discovering The Power And Blessings Of A Sunrise, my days have turned into a ‘Pep Rally’ of blessings and opportunities to see my future and my acceptance of my responsibility for whatever time I have remaining - 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 20 years.

There’s much more to the story,
but what’s all this got to do with you?


The bottom line is, my easy to read, and step-by-step guidelines in  The Power And Blessings Of A Sunrise will guide you, step-by-step, in understanding how you can 'see' the opportunities and choices you have for YOUR future - brilliantly displayed upon the horizon of God's daily sunrise.

You’re skeptical. Right? I don't blame you.  But, if you doubt God’s power to reveal what YOUR future can be, if you think you can't see and hear God, or can't feel Him guiding you to your long-held dreams, then you owe it to yourself to order and read The Power And Blessings Of A Sunrise and make your own decision.

You can stay where you are OR,
you can begin to see your new future...

The Power And Blessings Of A Sunrise gives you the “proof” that you can begin TODAY, to see and begin acting on the opportunities and choices you have for your future - opportunities and choices you may never have thought of before!